RESIN: At The Intersection Of Art & Surf

On September 2nd the Hermosa Beach Artist Collective will be having their Resin art show. Resin features art by a plethora of extremely talented artists who have all come together to put on an amazing weeklong show to celebrate art and surf as well as bring awareness to the non-profit, Hermosa Beach Artist Collective. Forefront’s very own Jessica Fang will have one of her pieces, Floral Ocean, up on display. In addition to the showing, Forefront will also be selling tickets to our Paint Sip Support event.
Paint Sip Support will be held at the Hermosa Beach Artist Collective on September 16th. After the painting portion of the PPS event is done, we will be having a live and silent auction of our artwork as well as some artwork from members of the collective. Part of the proceeds from the auctions will be donated to HBAC. Please spread the word and HELP SUPPORT LOCAL ART! Thank you and we hope to see you all there!