Q&A with Maya Innis

Hey guys! This week I did an interview with the other new member of our sales team, Maya Innis! Check it out!

 Q: What made you want to start making art?

A: Being a visionary and enjoying various landscapes got me into my passion for photography. Everyone with a creative mind sees things from a different perspective. Being able to see the same perspective and create my own really jump-started my love for making art. Now, I see the art in everything.


Q: What are your favorite types of art and why?

A: My favorite types of art are Renaissance Art and Abstract Art. I like Renaissance Art because of the earthly colors, the materials they used, and actual events and people they've captured. I like Abstract Art because only the person who created it can understand it and truly see its topic or potential.


Q: Does anyone else in your family share your passion for art?

A: My grandmother shares a passion for Art. She purchases a lot of artwork created by famous black artists, some date back to the 1950's. My aunt also a creative person, she makes jewelry.


Q: What inspires you?

A: Being a child of God inspires me. Not everyone is given the blessing of having a keen eye for creativity and broad mind for art. I am grateful that I am able to wake up and see a beautiful sun and to enjoy life around me; this enhances my need to capture them with my camera.


Q: What does working at a company like ForeFront Art mean to you?

A: Working at ForeFront Art means being given the opportunity to broaden my horizons along side other very talented artists. I love networking with like-minded people while we expand each other's talents and ideas. ForeFront represents amazing artists, and being apart of this team gives me hope that one day I too can be as artistically talented as those who create our beautiful works.