Q&A with Jessica Fang

Hey everyone! Sorry for the late post, last week and weekend were very busy for us here at Forefront Art! This blog post is another Q&A but this time it's with someone extra special, Jessica Fang. Jessica is the woman who makes this all possible!

Q: What made you want to start making art & how old were you when you started oil painting?

A: I started to love art when I was a little girl because my grandmother was a very talented and traditional artist. She often showed me her artwork when I was young. I loved the art she showed me; however, I always knew that I wanted to do something different from her. 

Q: How old were you when you started oil painting?

A: I actually started painting 5 years ago while I was studying abroad in Hong Kong. I met my inspirational art instructor (mentor), Allen Xu, in 2012. The moment I watched him painting on canvas, I promised myself that I would learn how to paint like him. 

Q: What do you get inspiration from?

A: I was inspired by the three dimensional paintings of Allen Xu. The first time I saw Allen's paintings, I was shocked. They are all so different from the ones I usually see in the galleries or art shows. His paintings are bold and lively! Some of the colors in his paintings are very vivid colors, which are the colors I am in love with. I was inspired by Allen and started to figure out some new techniques for my artworks. For instance, the Potted Flower series are all painted with my thumb and fingers. So, I would have to say that I was mostly inspired by my instructor's paintings.

Q: What made you want to start Forefront Paintings?

A: I want to establish chances for all the young artists like me. As simple as it is, I wish all young artists to find a place they could rely on to sell their artwork, to expand their popularity, to share (mostly teach) their extraordinary painting skills, and to show their amazing talents. 

Q: If you could meet one artist dead or alive, who would it be?

A: I would want to meet Vincent Van Gogh because I want to see him finish his unfinished pieces. It would be an amazing learning session for me. 

Q: Other than art, what types of things do you enjoy doing in your free time?

A: I enjoy photography and traveling. They both inspire my artwork.

Q: Does anyone else in your family do art professionally or for fun?

A: My grandmother. She is a talented artist with 15 years of painting experiences.

Q: Where do you see Forefront Paintings in five years?

A: I see ForeFront Art growing abundantly in five years. Firstly, I see our mission of building an artistic community could be accomplished by hosting many successful painting events for our family, friends, local businesses, and others. Secondly, I see our mission of sharing the enjoyment of art in the community could be achieved by accommodating art shows with variety of artwork from many young artists. Thirdly, I see our young artists enjoy working in ForeFront Art because they do not only gain the enjoyment by sharing their talents and artwork with the community, but they also gain tremendous experiences by working with ForeFront Art.