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Founded in 2013

ForeFront Art was founded in 2013. The company was and continues to be built on the idea of being a catalyst for artists to find their true inspiration by creating amazing works of art. Another one of our major passions here at ForeFront Art is helping people decorate their homes, offices, hotels, stores, and more; if you have a space in need of some artistic flare, we are here to help. We offer an exciting and eclectic mix of oil paintings that are all hand made by experienced artists from all walks of life. ForeFront is more than just a company- it is a community that connects people who love art. Our company is located in Torrance, California. We welcome everyone to come and share the joy of art with us.

Our Mission 

Here at ForeFront Art we strive to do two main things. Our first mission is to help artists of all ages and skill level create and improve themselves as well as their art. Our second mission is to create beauty and enjoyment while preserving memories for both our artists and customers - this is our hallmark to success.

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