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Founded in 2006
Forefront Group Corporation- ForeFront Art is founded in 2006. It is built on the idea of being the helper of artists to find their true inspiration by creating amazing art works. We are also a helper to decorate your homes, offices, and stores for true artistic expression. We offer an exciting mix of oil paintings that are all selected and attentively painted by experienced artists and young artists. It is more than a gallery- it is a community to connect with people who love art. Our company is located in Torrance, California. We sincerely welcome everyone to come and share the enjoyment of art with us.
Our Mission 

One of our missions is to help young artists and experienced artists to persist on creating beauty for themselves and people who love their works. Another mission of us is to create enjoyment and preserve memories for both our artists and customers - this is our hallmark to success. 

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November 03, 2015

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